I woke up today without the overwhelming need for chocolate.

I programmed my mind to resort to chocolate instead of coffee, alcohol, cigs or drugs but if you put so much freakin will power into one tiny habit it will grow to consume you. I don’t even enjoy chocolate that much anymore because I know that I eat it when I’m depressed or stressed or simply freaking out.

I realize it might not mean that much to you – but I bet you have your own small, insignificant habit that stops you from achieving your true greatness. Because it’s not the big obstacles that are the hardest to overcome, but small ones.

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Did your Monday become a habit?

How did you start your day? People that are still holding their day job often treat Mondays like a beginning of drudgery. They don’t wake up inspired and happy to tackle the day – even if each morning means you are one step closer to the goal. Mondays have a bad reputation because we allowed that feeling of Monday drudgery to become a habit.

And those habits often follow us, even after we quit the day job.

Small daily habits are often behind your overwhelm, burn out, lack of clarity and lack of cash. 

We often assume that life will sort itself out once we start making money and become truly successful.
It will be easier to eat healthy once we are finally slim.
It will be easier to save money once we earn more.
It will be easier to spend time with the family once the business takes off.
But that’s wishful thinking that keeps us being stuck in here and now, where nothing changes.

Because the only way to become a speaker is to start speaking, the only way to become a blogger is to start blogging. If you only have 15 minutes per day – that is still enough. Start now, tomorrow do it again and repeat each day. (It sounds simple, but it’s the hardest thing to do )

There will never be more perfect time than right now. Look back to your last year for the ultimate proof – could you have done it already? If you watched even one tv series – than yes. That time was enough to exercise, or to prepare a healthy meal, to write an ebook, create a course or start freelancing. You have time. We all do.  We also have fear – and fear saps our energy. We spend so much time worrying about being unsuccessful that we don’t have time to actually test it.
A lot had happened in the last couple years- just because I have successful business and I can be with my loved ones when they fight for their life it doesn’t mean everything is pretty.

It still hurts, even when you book 5 figure clients and help them make millions – it still hurts so much when people you love the most struggle with things no amount of money can fix.

So don’t go into it thinking your kids will finally sleep through the night, taxes will magically solve themselves and you’ll walk in this protective bubble of success.

But each Monday you spend wishing it was a weekend already is a wasted time of your life- and we have absolutely no guarantee we will make it to the weekend.
Start living your life now, create something that will give you strength and pride and will help you survive when life and live collapses around you. Because it doesn’t just happen to other people.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

Make it happen now.

Now is the only time you got.

This is the beginning of the new Monday series, about success habits. Most of my success happened because of the small things I did consistently, not a big breakthrough and I’m going to share them all with you in the upcoming weeks. Subscribe below to get free monthly Success Habits Planner and webinar invite to my next masterclass.

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