90 Days Business Attitude: Accelerator

One on One Coaching, Consulting & Mentorship

You got passion. You got purpose.
You have big dreams for your business.

But lately – you are just tired. You are here, because something is not working.

Everyone else seems to shoot to fame and 5 figure months while you are still forced to hold that bridge job.

You want success now, not light years away.

Are you tired of doing things all day long but not getting anywhere?

Is your website still half done, newsletter haphazardly put together at the last minute and when it comes to writing that brilliant blog post …you got nothing?

Do you work so hard to get clients – you have no energy left to actually live your own life?

Do you secretly wonder – is everyone lying about their income and no one can possibly make 6 figures in their first year…or even in a second? How can you grow your business, when you are already working all hours?

Or maybe you think, it’s just not possible for you: I’m not yet an expert, I can’t possibly charge more.

You have big dreams for your business. But your vision and passion doesn’t seem to pay the bills yet.

And you feel like everyone else has their shiz together, looks oh so professional and makes ton of money – while you are simply struggling, feeling like a kid trying to catch up with endless webinars, programs, sales pages. And you are out of breath, ready to quit, because every time you think you got this – you trip over something, that slows you down again and make you feel like you will never win that race.

You know what? It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Those little things and big things and technical things? You can have them all figured out.

Your website, your brand, your pricing, your signature program – and most of all, your business plan – YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL DONE- so it’s finally there, so you will feel like you know what you are doing.

You can have a business, that let’s you live the life you want – and pays handsomely too.

Because you will finally catch your breath and realize there is no race. There is no rules.

It’s your life. It’s your biz.

You can design it, so it plays to your strengths – and it’s fun to run.

You can engineer it, so it works for you in the background.

And the scary technical bits? I got high level training + expert support especially for that. We’ve got this.

There are only 3 things you need to have successful business – decent business strategy, proper branding and a courage to do things differently.

You tried programs in the past. You downloaded the ebooks, listened to audios and attended countless webinars – but your business isn’t cookie cutter and you want coaching and business growth plan, that is tailored specifically to you.

After all using someone’s else business model, feels a bit like walking in someone else shoes.

Uncomfortable. (And a little bit yuck. )

Not your style.

You tried doing it alone. Now, you don’t have to!

I bring 8 years of my business expertise – and I mean, real life business expertise, including high end web design, branding and social media strategy for companies with 2mln+ turnover.

I’ve built international business from my smartphone and laptop – and I’ll teach you how to do the same, in a fraction of the time.

I’m not holding anything back, you get my exact systems I used to get £3k and £12k clients, without spending hours blogging or posting on Social Media, without a huge list (I know, sacrilegious). I worked with solo entrepreneurs and companies with millions of turnover and it always comes back to that one thing – tactics, without strategy are just busy work. But your personality partnered with solid strategy? That’s how empires are built.

“Marta is blessed with the ability to look at a website, analyze it very quickly. She then provides a ‘to do list’ for you to improve the website in a simple and very effective way. Marta was clear in her communication and her work improved my site. Thank you Marta!

Orit Adiri-Niemogha

Director and Diamond Grader at H&D Diamonds

I’ve known and worked with Marta for many years now. She researched the best way to market my business and held her ground when I was temped to stick with the stayed old web designs of other B&B’s, and convinced me to let her design something completely different, modern and innovative. She knows how to market businesses and build websites, like no other. She has guided me every step of the way and I can’t tell you how many customers remark on how wonderful my website is or that they fell in love with my Inn from the website. Her design stands out and has definitely brought me a ton of otherwise unexpected business. Without a doubt, my business would not have been as successful without her!

Francesca Amery

This is for you, if:

You sell your services and expertise, but you didn’t quit your job to work 24/7 – so you want to know how to work less, but make more money

You know you want wildly successful business – but you also want someone to show you the exact steps, so you can grow your business fast, yet with integrity.

You are committed to your success – but you want it on your own terms, built around your personal values

Start under budget, double your profits and grow with Business Attitude!

Success is personal, so I come without assumptions. I am not going to teach you how to build a copy of my own business, I’m not going to push you to build a huge team or affiliate army, if you don’t want to. I’m here to listen – and I’m going to partner up and help you build business that focuses on your core strengths, grows organically and reflects your personality. Together, we will redefine success and do it your style – and on your own terms.

Do things that don't scale - growth hacking with style, sass and class

90 Days Business Attitude: The Details

Business Attitude Intensive

We start each month with a 90min Business Attitude Strategy Session, because tactics without strategy are just busy work, and this is about growing your business – fast, but without overwhelm. You build a solid foundation first, than ‘stack the bricks’ so everything elegantly flows together and grows organically.

12 weekly 45 min Get Unstuck sessions

High level training, implementation and staying on track. You’ll have clear strategy and tools to maximize your time plus my business acumen at your disposal. I’m your partner in this, this means both tough love and being your fiercest protector.

Growth Hacking with Grace and Integrity

You will learn how to apply unique combination of explosive growth techniques utilized by tech start-ups to your own business – with easy to implement, step by step formulas. No techy jargon, plain and simple – just done!

Month 1: Plan YOUR Business

  • Brilliant Biz Plan: How to Get Real Clear on Your Goals, Dreams and Deadlines.
  • Lifestyle Design: How to Work Less, but Make More Money
  • Branding + Pricing: How to Create Exciting Brand for Your Blog and Business

During this month you will: connect your business goals with your life passion and purpose – and yes, we will totally cover all the inside mechanics of designing your own flawless brand experience!

Month 2: Get Happy Clients

  • Marketing Action Plan – How to Get More Happy Clients with Ease, Grace and Integrity
  • Packages & Programs – How to Design Your Signature Offer
  • Website Makeover – How to Optimize Your Website from Pretty to Pretty Profitable

In this month you will: create your perfect editorial calendar, so you are never stuck for ideas and banish overwhelm with easy to implement marketing action steps. You will also overhaul your website to show off your gorgeous new branding and signature programs.

Month 3: Become Wildly Successful

  • Social Brilliance – How to Show Up, Make Friends & Get Recognized as an Expert
  • Systems & Flow – How to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot
  • Success Mindset – How to Start Living Your Dream Life Now

In this month you will: get recognition you deserve, put systems in place to work less, but impress your clients more. You will also create a solid strategy for your next 90 days in life and business, to smash that money ceiling and redefine possible.

Are you ready to make your business wildly successful?

It won’t become possible, until you make it happen!

Your Investment: £5000 for full 90 days private business coaching, consulting and mentoring.
(One payment only, not a monthly fee, but payment plans available upon request.)

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