On my last webinar I have shared how to find your quickest way to cash.

Long term strategy is super important, but sometimes you just want money overnight.

And by saying overnight, I mean in a very short time, this or next month.

Because working without getting paid affects your confidence and the doubts start creeping in.

What if no one wants it? 

What if I completely miss the mark?

What if I spend all this time preparing to launch – and I’ll get nothing?

So your first goal in business is to create something, you can get paid for.

Yes, building an audience – your blog, your email list, your connections – is extremely important, because without that platforms it’s very hard to build sustainable business.

But to call yourself a business you need to have something for sale.

Business that doesn’t sell anything makes people uneasy.

Imagine going into a store, and there was nothing to buy there.

Sure, they were giving out free samples and there was smiling hostess or two…but shelves were empty. It would feel very weird.

Now, this metaphor could go two ways.

First, it would feel like they are selling something so expensive, you had no business being there. So you quickly excuse yourself and never go back.(This is not what you want for your business!)

Or imagine if you get in a habit to stopping there every day for free coffee, cookie and a chat. And than one day, the hostess says, sorry from now on, the chat is no longer free. In fact, the coffee isn’t free either and cookies are for new customers only.

That wouldn’t go well with you, would it now?

People often ask me if they can launch without the oh so important list.

First, launches build lists. Simple as that.

You throw a launch party and some people come for free champagne and others like your product or service enough to buy. No one feels awkward, no one feels cheated. And if all they wanted was freebies – they can unsubscribe from your contact list.

Second, no one ever started as a top expert in their field. They got there by doing things, sometimes failing badly but never giving up.

So this is what you really need to do – start doing things.

Instead of launching a huge, perfectly perfect program next year – do a small workshop this month.

Instead of planning the perfect website for 3 months, launch a simple one tomorrow and than gradually improve.

Instead of trying to get TV interview, appear as a guest in a podcast (very often, you get more clients that way anyway!)

So my question to you would be: what can you launch right now? 

Let me know by posting on my Facebook page here– and yes, bragging and links to your shiny new thing are allowed!

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