How much money do you really need to change your life?
I just had a great conversation, about how much money is really needed to be happy.
And a client was a bit ashamed she didn’t want to work hard to get to 6 figures.
All she wanted was a way to get 4k a month in under 20 hours hours a week.
She would be happy with that.
And how weird our world has become if she was almost apologising for dreaming so small, but she had small kids and they were more important right now.
Sure 10k months are awesome.
But all you need is your number.

You don’t really need 6 figures and beyond to simply be happy.
Sure, nicer car would be nice… but soon enough, you realize all you need from it is to drive (and maybe a working aircon).

And do you really need a MANSION?
(Think of all those floors to clean, garden to take care of, so soon enough you got army of people and no privacy.)

Rolex still shows the same time as other watches.

Designer shoes, ok I admit I just lust over those. And I could afford them…if I didn’t chose to spend my money on kids.
Because it’s not things and money that make a difference.
Changing your life doesn’t have to mean working all hours in hope of retirement.
Changing your life doesn’t have to have a price tag.
We think it’s beyond our reach. ..but it isn’t.

I know it takes patience. I know it takes dedication. But it’s worth it.
And it’s not the lack of money that holds you back.
You don’t need expensive photoshoot, high end website or a pricy coach to succeed.



All you need is to stop listening to that sneaky, conniving voice in your head that somehow convinced you nice things are for other people, less broken, less fucked up, more together and altogether more glam.

So say no more.
No more settling.
No more hiding.
No more feeling less than your absolutely amazing self.
And you don’t have to kill yourself in desire to prove you can too break 6 figures barrier, like it was a requirement to live.

No one has a right to tell you your dreams are too small.

It doesn’t have to be hard.
In fact, sometimes, all it takes to succeed is to do things that are easy.

Do you like to talk? Start a podcast.
Are you witty or insightful? Rule twitter, pinterest AND instagram
Not scared of a video? create youtube channel or start with Periscope
Love WRITING? Blogging will be your domain.
Silent introvert with eye for photography? We’ll adore you.
Chose one, stick with one, and stop thinking about it as marketing and selling.

Make your heart sing.

Live your life with intention.

Help people.

Ps. Just calculate how much all those things you need, and want, and crave and lust over really cost.
Maybe you can have them already. Maybe you don’t really want it all.
I got designer shoes. Freaking painful to walk. 

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