Would you refuse to work with a client because she is not pretty enough or suitably thin or stylish ??

Let that sink in – please don’t hate me just yet;)

I see more and more women WAITING endlessly, keeping their business a secret, not putting their professional photo up on their website because they didn’t lost weight yet. Or they say they can’t afford a “Paris Photoshoot” yet – so they do nothing or put a selfie or a picture snapped at the wedding (hello nice hair:) and secretly die inside every time someone asks them if they have a real business.

Yes, you look nice in that photo.

But what it really does to your brand?
You tell clients, yes I’m worth investing in… despite the fact that I don’t feel like I’m worthy of a $100 professional headshot?

Yes, I know money might be tight or you have other priorities right now but at the same time – if you complain you have no clients but don’t really share your website or your social profiles because your photos hold you back – what does it tell you about your true commitment?

To start a restaurant you have to invest hundreds of thousands before your door even opens.

Let that sink in.

We are now incredibly spoiled with the ease we can start business online, but once that frugality goes to far – it’s a false economy.

If you really can’t afford professional photos look for a friend with a good camera, take 1000 pics and choose a couple that don’t suck. I used my selfie for years until it was time to upgrade.

So look at your brand very closely – and get good pictures. We, customers need to see you in your best light! You, yourself need to see YOU as a real business owner, professional and expert.

Please don’t wait with getting new photos, publishing your book, launching your course until your appearance somehow improves.  Be at least the same considerate person to yourself, as you would be to a client.

Confidence is a fragile thing – and if you constantly tell yourself you have to wait until you are somehow ‘better’ before you really can show up in your business – you are undermining all the other mindset work you are already doing to be successful.

So no, you don’t need super pricy Photoshoot, high end website or a business coach with a fee that equals house deposit. But you need to take yourself seriously and get THE BEST you can afford right now.

Ps. If you read this far, congratulations! I’ve got goodies! You can pm me for a brand audit, totally free as a thank you for reading up till now. People pay me thousands to take care of their brands and launch their businesses globally, but you are special, because you came to visit me here in my digital home. Send me an email or message me on Facebook: Facebook.com/MovaboLtd.

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