Content Marketing is confusing, time consuming and annoyingly effective.

Big brands use complicated content marketing schedules and editorial calendars to make sure their teams are ‘on the same page’. (Did you know summer fashion shoots often happen in winter? No wonder models pout)

What it gives YOU is the peace of mind that you have your bases covered, your content is created consistently – and you don’t have the random, panic induced OMG I need to post something now moments anymore – and you can take your holidays without worrying if your blog traffic dies down.

I’m a mum of 2 small kids – so the holiday time is very important to me, but even more it’s the knowledge that even if I have to take unplanned time off to tend to my kids, my biz will tick along nicely.

That’s why I’m hosting exclusive masterclass where you can find out how to explode your blog traffic with my 12 weeks Content Planner, designed for coaches, bloggers and entrepreneurs, who run a business not a blog, so it’s streamlined and strategic – because we are all crazy busy and being popular is nice, but being profitable so much nicer!

Last year I worked with very popular bloggers and I ghost blog for big companies (in case you were wondering;) so I know this business literally from the inside out, and most of my clients came to me because strategy is what saves your sanity when you are a mum, blogger, business owner and the world depends on your awesome superhero skills.

I created my content planner to keep me in check – because with multiple clients and schedules, planning is crucial.


I’m sharing it with you, because I’m sure you want more traffic and clients with less hassle. (Have you noticed how hustle and hassle sound almost the same? I don’t think that’s coincidence!)

One of the often ignored rules of content marketing is to spend 80% of your time promoting the content, not creating it. I get it – it takes so much time to write the damn posts, there is no energy left for anything else.

BUT there is no point in writing, if no one reads – yes, you get more traffic if you create more content, but it makes more sense to spend a bit more time promoting existing content – so here is a handy checklist of 12 tasks you should do each time you publish new blog post.

12 Blog Promotion Tasks Checklist

  1. Email to your email subscribers
  2. Post to your social accounts with image and intro, quote, or question
  3. Tweet/email anyone you mentioned
  4. Link within your relevant old posts
  5. Add to social bookmarking sites/forums
  6. Mention in FB /Google+/ LinkedIn groups you are active in (check for specific days for promos)
  7. Respond to comments and comment on 5 blogs you follow
  8. Thank people who shared – by sharing their content!
  9. Consider if it can be expanded into series of blog posts – or if you can schedule update post later on
  10. Reach out to bloggers who publish round ups on the topic – ask to be included
  11. Consider creating content upgrade /relevant freebie
  12. Re-purpose post: video, audio, infographic, eBook/PDF, Slideshare

Download your copy here

Explode your blog traffic with this 12 weeks Content Marketing Planner, designed to keep you sane – easy to tick with weekly blogger tasks, blog post creation  and promotion checklists. Organize your editorial calendar with ease and tie in your content into a logical sequence for your readers.

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