Is your business ready to grow?

4 Weeks Bootcamp: Step-By-Step Training, Strategy and Accountability

They told you to blog. So you did.

They told you to provide value in Facebook groups – so you did.

You are helpful. You provide ton of free value. Your list is growing.


The only problem? No one is buying.

So you stop sending sales emails…because you are scared people get offended and unsubscribe.


And now your business…seems like expensive hobby.

You wonder, maybe it’s just not possible for me.


You tried doing it on your own. Now, you don’t have to.


You see, a lot of well meaning advice online is a bit backwards.

Build your audience. Offer value. Yes, it works. But you need money right now, not next year.


Your website is still half done, newsletter sent at the last minute, and your offer is still sporting a slightly weathered now ‘coming soon’ sign.


You do a bit of everything, but nothing gets done. Nothing is really working.

And you are not getting paid.

A lot of courses talk about mindset now.
But no amount of manifesting will send you sales if your buy button is not connected to your payment provider.

Law of attraction works, yes, you can win lottery, people win, so why not you – but you at least have to buy a ticket!

To make your business reality you need to take action: you need to focus, commit and hustle.

Strategy: Do less with more focus

With decent strategy, you will know exactly what to do, so you are not aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed – and wonder at the end of the day, where the time has gone.

You will get things done, tick your list off, and get results.


Commit - no excuses!

All successful people attribute their success to commitment.

Commitment is about being brutally honest with yourself – is that thing you do right now bringing you closer to your goal?

Can you imagine how fulfilling it would be to know, that each day you have achieved something remarkable? The greatest power of commitments is compounding effect.

And yes, waking up an hour hourly and writing that post might seem not really a big thing today – but next year – it will be 52 posts. That’s practically a book. By you. Done.

Hustle- do things that don’t scale!

Hustle, dig in, get your hands dirty.

We are all taken by the great Internet dream of passive income, of automation.

But truth is? People do business with people.

And if you want to grow your business quickly – you need to do things that don’t scale.

Help one person at the time.

It’s hard. But it works. If you talk to every single person, who signed up to your list – yes, that’s email from your personal email address, not autoresponder with fake ‘personalization’ – how many wonderful connections would you make?

There are things that you can automate – but the goal of the automation is so you have time for personal interaction.

It feels counter-intuitive, yes, but more personal connection equals more clients. Every. Single. Time.

Find your quickest way to cash

The only true way to prove that your business idea is viable is to get paid. Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels. (Better done than perfect.) Sure, offering value upfront is a great strategy – but stop giving away the farm. Your car dealer offers a test drive – but not a car. Yes, you are building relationships, yay you, and they will pay off soon – but some people are desperate to buy from you now. What you offer? Is valuable. And they want it now. Just let them buy from you. Tell them, you don’t have to do it alone. You can help.

Start + Grow Under Budget is for you if you want to build a sustainable service business – that makes decent money and makes your soul sing.


We dig in deep – so within 30 days you get things done.

Your strategy, your website, your systems and your first signature offer – all done – so people can buy from you, find out about you. So that you feel that you’re finally in business. And your business can now grow.

Who should join: this bootcamp is for coaches, bloggers, speakers and professionals, who got enough of doing things all day long and not getting anywhere.

It is exclusive, fast paced and personal – and it is effective.

This round we only invite 20 incredible women – we want to make sure everyone gets lots of attention and no question is left unanswered.

This version includes 4 live training sessions and group coaching, as well as regular office hours via private Facebook group. (Yes, we want you to be wowed a little!)

The usual investment for one Business Strategy session is $750 – and that’s for 90 minutes plus follow up.
Here, during the program you get access to me for the entire 4 weeks.

Plus, you got extra attention from Aneta, Performance coach, who will host a guest coaching call and be available in our private Facebook group to support and encourage you.

We want you to be our next success story – and if you agree to be featured as a case study, you can snap special early bird price of $497 (that’s one payment, for the entire 4 weeks, not weekly).

Refunds – We stand 100% behind our training and we offer lots of individual attention, to make sure you are completely satisfied. You get lifetime access to Masterclass recordings and other materials included in the program – so we offer triple guarantee – You have not 1, but 3 months money back guarantee.

All we ask, is that you complete all the workbooks and assignments  – because we know that once you start taking action magic happens.


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