NOTE FROM MARTA: My guest author today for the HER BUSINESS TOOLKIT series is Ashleigh Nails, she is a content marketing VA and she shares her favorite tools. Some of those, like Dropbox, I’m using everyday, but some were new to me, so I think you will enjoy this post too!

My name is Ashleigh Nails, and I am a virtual assistant specializing in content marketing. I help small business owners with all the tasks that come with running a business, allowing them more freedom and time to focus on their business while I focus on the details of their business. To make it simple, I am an invisible helping hand!

I don’t know about you, but when I had a great idea I used to write it on a piece of paper (which I seemed to always lose!)

I called myself being organized by buying several folders and notebooks, and somehow still didn’t use them like I planned, as my ideas, work, and plans were in whatever notebook was the closest!

However, when I started my business as a virtual assistant I realized I needed to find tools that would help me organize my work, show my creative side, and store as well as share my files in an efficient manner, especially because most of my clients weren’t even in the same state.

So here are a few tools I use and recommend you try:

1. Podio

Podio is a virtual workspace that allows you to set up your office online and in a manner that suits you most. Through the different apps available you can do different things such as manage and store meeting notes, keep track of all your passwords, keep a client log, and even manage your projects. I found this tool very useful because not only does it help keep me organized, but it allows me to invite others into my workspace to access all the files and information as well as upload their own.  This is great if you have a team, because rather than constantly emailing and calling each other for updates, they can log on into the workspace to see what’s going on and even chat with you through instant messaging.

2. Mind Meister

Do you remember when you were young and when writing a paper your teacher had you create a mind map, to help you sort your ideas? Well, you can now do this online! Mind Meister is an online tool that can be accessed through Google and allows you to creatively brainstorm in an organized manner. This means you can get rid of having sticky notes everywhere, and now have your ideas organized and stored on your computer. I love this app because once again you can invite others to help you brainstorm and create the “map.” So if you and your team are trying to plan out a particular project or event, you can all be logged in at once and brainstorm together.

3. Canva

I don’t know about you, but graphic designing can definitely be difficult (even the basic paint tool can be confusing!) This caused me to look for different and easier ways to create graphics. When I found Canva, I fell in love because I was able to create professional looking graphics, not only for myself but my clients as well. When using this tool you are able to pick your fonts, backgrounds, and any shape and picture you’d like to include and it’s all drag and drop! What makes it even greater is that Canva has specific size templates that would be best for what you are using the graphic for, such as a Facebook post, blog title, and ebook cover. This means you can now save money by creating awesome graphics to accompany your blog, social media posts, and your website on your own.

4. Dropbox

How many times have you been in a meeting and realize you need a file that is saved to your computer at home? Well, Dropbox is an online storage space that can prevent this from happening again. Once you save files to your Dropbox account you can access them anytime by logging into your Dropbox account. This means your files are always with you; you can even pull them up with your phone. Dropbox is also another creative way to share files with others, as you can drop word documents, videos, or any type of file into their Dropbox folder/account.

These are just a few tools that I use on a daily basis that help make running my business easier and I encourage you to use them as well!  I mean who wouldn’t love any tool that can help them succeed?


If you would like to find out more about her services, please visit Ashleigh website:

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