Change how you think about your business to unlock massive growth

Attracting new customers is actually the most expensive way of growing your business.

Getting new customers requires massive effort, takes loads of time – in fact, it’s so hard it makes you positively loath marketing, sales and eventually your business itself.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard!

How to work less, but grow your business more!

Strategies, tools and tactics to accelerate business growth and get you more happy clients

Exclusive reports, webinars and checklists

+tools to get things done!

Weekly dose of Attitude

work less, enjoy your life + grow your business more


Valuable interviews and case studies

from people who been there+done it!

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I teach and  apply unique combination of explosive growth techniques utilized by tech start ups to both ultra-local and B2B markets, especially in construction and engineering companies, who are growing and competing to become contractors for nationally recognized brands like Marks & Spencer, Boots, John Lewis and many more.

The principles of business growth stay the same, the only difference is that small business owners and entrepreneurs need to be more creative with their budget. That’s the idea that sparked the Business Attitude Programme: how to start+grow under budget.

Because even if you only own very small business – you still want it to grow and flourish.


Marta Krasnodebska


Is your business ready to grow?

Most of the traditional advice and funding concentrates on businesses with a potential for hyper growth and millions of turnover – yet I strongly believe, and my clients prove it – that much smaller companies still have a stronghold in today’s global marketplace.

They provide level of service and expertise that simply cannot be matched by corporations  – the attention to detail and dedication is what makes them sought after partners and enables them to grow. People I work with often work in industries that are less flashy than tech startups – and they go seemingly unnoticed by the public, yet they are fundamental to business infrastructure. They not only deserve to grow, they need to grow, to avoid being swallowed by corporate giants.

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