Success Habits Planner March 2016 for entrepreneurs, bloggers and coaches.

This month theme is: 100% Confident  – Because you belong at the top.

Are we there yet?

Being your own boss is awesome. But the ride to the top is not a straight line. And the overnight success is rarely achieved in one night. We tend to grossly underestimate how long it will really take.

More and more clients are coming to me because they are so tired, they are ready to quit. They start feeling doubtful. Maybe it’s not in them anymore. Which is totally not true. I am constantly amazed on how many wonderful talents my clients have. They truly believe in what they do and they are often very successful bloggers, book authors and course creators. And yet, they feel like they are giving away so much of themselves each day, they forgot how to be simply happy.

And I bet you are just like them  – because although each of us is unique, we do have this in common – you focus so much on bringing joy to others, you start running on empty. 

I know I do.
It is all about boundaries, but sometimes, inevitably emergencies happen and you just do what you have to do. I am not going to tell my little girl, that sorry, I am not spending another sleepless night watching over you, because it will violate my boundaries and I am recording a video series tomorrow and need my beauty sleep . Sounds ridiculous, right? As every parent knows, our boundaries are stretched every day. And we achieve amazing feats, things we thought are not possible – simply because we have to.

And as entrepreneurs, we grow and achieve so much more each day – simply because the alternative is worse for us than our fear of public speaking, or talking to strangers, or putting yourself out there. And in doing so, we realise that we are actually capable of more – so we create more goals and plan for more success in our business.

Investing in business is easy. We can with some accuracy calculate the return on investment if we buy better mic, camera, new software, hire a VA or OBM or a coach.

Investing in stock market is easy too – we can predict with some accuracy we’ll get between 8-12 % over time or similar.

But your greatest asset is you.

And even though a ROI is not as straightforward, it is probably the highest possible.

We rarely invest in ‘happiness’, we can’t ‘bank’ some more sleep. A morning ritual of green tea and an afternoon yoga rarely makes it into a business plan.  Yet, when you study millionaires and successful entrepreneurs, they invest in themselves first because it’s the smartest thing to do.

Imagine, what would happen if you quit.

  • If you become so tired and burnout and overwhelmed – you won’t post on your blog for a year (a true story of an extremely successful blogger, she calculated she missed out on multiple 6 figure passive income, because systems were not in place).
  • If you put off a launch of your course – because you feel too busy and tired right now to add one more thing to your plate – and than you see others launching ‘your thing’ and making 5 or 6 or 7 figures.
  • if you stop inviting people to your discovery sessions, because it ‘feels’ like they are just freebie seekers – only to read later that people you wanted to talk to – hired a coach more expensive than you.

But that’s just that first level of the ripple effect you cause when you quit. Second, much larger is the impact you have on other people’s lives – or lack thereof. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Even if it sometimes it feels like no one reads or listen – they do. So your choice is not yours alone.

Imagine if every person who is now sharing their gifts and talents with world – suddenly quit. What if there was no more music, art, motivational speakers, shoemakers and bakers.
It doesn’t matter how small and insignificant you feel right now, just put that aside for a moment.

Think on how many people you depend daily to do their thing. In your house you have electricity, running water, internet and fresh bread because bazillion of people didn’t quit their jobs today. And yes, some continue to wake up and do their jobs because of obligation but many do what they do because it satisfies them to get the job done. What you do doesn’t have to be artsy and creative for you to be passionate about it.

Rocket science is as far as possible from an Etsy maker… and yet, when I last talked with a physics professor that works for NASA – he was nothing but passionate about it.

You don’t have to apologise for your passion being not trendy enough (for all of you who think only business coaches make money – I only worked with handful of business coaches and they were earning the least of all my clients. Just so you know. 😉

When we are tired, our mindset suffers. Simple as that.

The difference between possible and impossible truly is all in our heads. 

So this month theme is boosting your confidence and reminding yourself your WHY – why you belong at the top. And to make sure you are really feeling it – that bone deep confidence in your gift – the first thing to do is to write down 3 thing you’ll do this month to invest in yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy or monetary – but something that makes you feel good and cultivates your success mindset.

On my list is:

  1. waking up naturally, without the alarm clock, as I had many sleepless nights lately.
  2. a luxury hotel for a conference – and a massive, almost 400 square feet room.
  3. upgrading everyday life – I’m decluttering like crazy and making space for new beautiful things


How to use Success Habits Planner 

(You can download it at the bottom of this post, it’s free – don’t miss it!)

There are 3 special sections on this calendar – especially for insanely busy entrepreneurs.

On the side, there are 3 sections that give focus to current month only: again, with 3 sections each to avoid overwhelm and to increase chances of accomplishing them.
FOCUS section: your biz & personal goals

Here you write your 3 main goals for the month. The idea is, if you only accomplished those 3 things – you would be feeling successful. It can be to make it $10k month, get 3 new clients, book a spa visit to celebrate your success. This your shining beacon in the dark sea of decision making – will it get me closer to achieve my top 3 quarterly goals? And each time you need to make a decision this month you ask yourself – does it get me closer to achieve this or is it a distraction right now?

COMMIT section: your success habits12112483_988787461184398_3279924937303703392_n

Those are your success habits, small, ideally daily tasks that bring you so much closer to achieve your goals. Writing 1000 words daily, exercising daily in the afternoon to re-energise your day, being active in 3 Facebook groups or following up with 3 potential clients. They are small tasks, that you want to become your habits.

HUSTLE section: this where you challenge yourself

Here you write down tasks that get you out of your comfort zone. Things that you think you are not ready for just yet. But we never feel ready, so now is just as good as any. Start now.

There is a bonus section at the bottom with your monthly stats for social media and blog growth, including best image dimension sizes for social sharing. I always have to look those up, so to save time I added them right there. Handy, right?

Download your ready to print planner below and you will also receive invitation to my monthly Business Attitude Masterclass. I don’t do newsletters much, but each month I’m hosting live masterclass which you can attend for free or buy a replay later. Entirely up to you. I love receiving emails from my readers, especially when they tell me they implemented my advice already and got more clients straight away, so I hope you’ll write to me too!


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