When I have shared my 12 weeks content marketing calendar in a Facebook group last week, I got over 170 comments on that one post with 2 sentences and a picture – and over 160 people downloaded the copy. Why?

Because creating content is not a problem for most of us. But creating it consistently – makes it a chore. And chores are boring. We tend to procrastinate and well, skip it at the slightest excuse.

I am no different. I didn’t created those calendars because I am an epic productivity ninja – I created them because I manage social media accounts and ghost blog for 2mln+ turnover companies as well as my own stuff – and it was becoming complicated.

Enter pretty, elegant and easy to use content planner that helps you create high impact content for the next 12 weeks. Did I mention it was 1 page? Including daily and weekly blog promo tasks. It gives you a snapshot overview and a clear what-to-do-next map for your website and social promotion.

And you feel like you’ve got this. Suddenly, you are a PRO at this.


But 12 weeks is a lot of time, and excitement is soon swallowed by a daily grind.

We are so incredibly busy – which is a good thing if we bring in the money – but it creates a familiar feast or famine problem. When you don’t have clients, you market like crazy. Than you are busy with clients so you don’t have time for marketing. It’s frustrating, it’s tiring. You din’t sign up for this.

So today I’m giving you another gift – a monthly calendar created especially for bloggers, coaches and entrepreneurs. I use TRELLO* to plan out my editorial calendar (easily drag and drop topics, something you can’t do on paper).
But I still find it easier to keep myself accountable with an actual, printed calendar.

Success Habits Calendar for entrepreneurs, bloggers and content marketersSuccess Habit Calendar for February 2016 – HOW TO USE IT

(You can download it at the bottom of this post, it’s free – don’t miss it!)

There are 3 special sections on this calendar – especially for insanely busy entrepreneurs.

First, you write down your 3 main goals for next 90 days.
It could be to launch new course, become Huffington post blogger, get 3 new coaching clients. Why only 3? Because you can’t FOCUS on more than 3. Those are your big goals and they should be audacious, butterflies-in-the-stomach inducing ones. This is your dream big section – and goals are dreams with deadlines, so make it specific and measurable.
On the side, there are 3 sections that give focus to current month only: again, with 3 sections each to avoid overwhelm and to increase chances of accomplishing them.
FOCUS section: your biz & personal goals

Here you write your 3 main goals for the month. The idea is, if you only accomplished those 3 things – you would be feeling successful. It can be to make it $10k month, get 3 new clients, book a spa visit to celebrate your success. This your shining beacon in the dark sea of decision making – will it get me closer to achieve my top 3 quarterly goals? And each time you need to make a decision this month you ask yourself – does it get me closer to achieve this or is it a distraction right now?

COMMIT section: your success habits12112483_988787461184398_3279924937303703392_n

Those are your success habits, small, ideally daily tasks that bring you so much closer to achieve your goals. Writing 1000 words daily, exercising daily in the afternoon to re-energise your day, being active in 3 Facebook groups or following up with 3 potential clients. They are small tasks, that you want to become your habits.

HUSTLE section: this where you challenge yourself

Here you write down tasks that get you out of your comfort zone. Things that you think you are not ready for just yet. But we never feel ready, so now is just as good as any. Start now.

There is a bonus section at the bottom with your monthly stats for social media and blog growth, including best image dimension sizes for social sharing. I always have to look those up, so to save time I added them right there. Handy, right?

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